Exceptional transports are all transports that exceed regulative given dimensions and the weight of the cargo.

Our company deals with the organisation and performance of all kinds of transports, road and rail transports as well as river and sea transports.

Our fundamental and at the same time the most important activity is the organization of road transports. We have a organized network of business partners throughout Europe to help us look for the best solution for a specific exceptional transport and provide us with all the support in the organization. For carrying out complex exceptional transports it is required to have the precise knowledge of the areas in which the exceptional transport will be preformed. Together with our business partners we ensure that throughout Europe. Our advantage is that the client can be in one place and can arrange everything necessary for a transport across Europe with only one co-speaker.

For the transportation of a certain cargo it is very important to select the correct means of transport. We provide the most suitable vehicles to our customers for the  transport of their cargo, while certainly considering the cost aspects. The result of many years of cooperation between enterprises is also a wide range of vehicles for transporting all kinds of cargo throughout Europe.

A very important factor for exceptional transport is the security of cargo, as well as the safety of all road users. We pay a lot of attention to the safety.

Our goal is to deliver the cargo to our customers to their desired location at the desired time and with optimal costs